09 January 2012

The ancient Egyptians vs the internet generation

We were watching an episode of Horrible Histories. Featuring the usual eclectic appearances of ancient Greeks, medieval English kings and Egyptians.

Me - I don't mind this show. I hope you are learning something from it about history too.
Ella - But they say something is true when it isn't.
Me - But when they say it is true, it actually is. Those things really have happened.
Ella - Ah, but why did they then say it was poo but it was actually jam?
Me - You do realise they are all actors. Because the real Egyptians died thousands of years ago.
Ella - But they could have took a video before they died and planned this all along.

Kaboom! Best punchline I'd heard in a long time.

When she realised that I was not going to take this suggestion seriously - cleverly deducted from my laughter and thigh slapping - she offered another scenario.

Ella - Maybe they made images in their heads and then when they died they cut open their heads and got the images out and then they passed it on and on and on until video was invented and then took a video of it.
Me - That's actually a pretty clever scenario.
Ella - Not really, because you cannot see the images in people's heads.