21 November 2012


I had just woken up.

Ella - Do you know why we are so lucky?
Me - Because we have a tablet PC!
Ella - No. We are lucky because...
Me - Because we have a big tv!
Ella - Mum. We are lucky because [speaking fast] we have eachother and we are such a lovely family.

08 November 2012

Of things to do and books farmers like

By popular request (ie. Greer), another post. Because Ella is still as cute and funny as ever. But now with a broader vocabulary.

I walked her to school today and she went to park her bike while I tied up the dog. When I went to check what was keeping her, I saw her comparing bells with another bike-riding kid and show off her bike to a friend. When I urged her to hurry, she rolled her eyes at me and said: "Mum. I have things to DO, you know".

Then she read me her 'critique' on a kids' book about a farm that they read in class. The review was meant for the library.

It was very well written (I'll have to wait till the end of the year before I can post the whole thing) and full of delightful phonetic spelling. But what made me laugh was the fact that her last sentence started with: "Farmers would like this book".