30 July 2008

Ham tree

I was talking to Ella about our vege patch. I am determined to get it ready for planting this year!

Me - And we'll plant tomatoes and beans and strawberries...
Ella - And ham!

Typical Aussie

We went to a zoo near Antwerp (Belgium) the other day and got to the kangaroo enclosure. Looking at the resting kangaroos over the fence, Ella grabbed her nieces hand and said: "Come, let's go to them now."

We had to explain that they were in an enclosure and we couldn't just walk up to them like at home.

06 July 2008

Too old

Ella was preparing to go to a dinner party a couple of nights ago and I heard her great-grandmother was going to be there.

Me - Do you know how old your great-grandmother is, Ella?
Ella - No?
Me - She's 93!
Ella - [Opening eyes and mouth wide in an expression of sheer astonishment] Wow! That's just too old! She should be died.

It was futile to try control my laughter. I did only just manage to say to her that she should never, ever tell her great-grandmother what she'd just told me.

05 July 2008

Funny fairy

Ella came home from daycare with a nice little bruise under her eye, which the carers said she'd got during their music/dance program.

Me - That's a nice bruise you got there Ella. Did someone bump into you when you were dancing?
Ella - No, noone bumped into me. I falled over.
Me - Did you fall over because you were dancing?
Ella - No, I just falled over. I wasn't doing anything and then I just falled over.
Me - [laughing]
Ella - Don't laugh mum, it's NOT funny!
Me - [laughing even harder because I try to stop laughing]
Ella - Stop laughing at me, mum!
Me - I'm not laughing AT you sweetie, I'm laughing WITH you.
Ella - But I didn't say anything funny. I'm not a funny fairy.
Me - Er... I'm just laughing because I'm happy.
Ella - You're so funny, mum. You make me laugh!

Pfew! Nice save...