02 October 2007

Big girl things

A few days ago Ella requested to wear undies instead of a nappy. Halleluja!

This morning on the bike we had the following conversation:

Ella: I'm not very big yet.
Me: But you are a very big girl, because you are wearing big girl undies today!
Ella: I'm very big!
I'm a lady, mum.

Ella: G (godmother) wears undies sometimes (thank god!)
Me: Does she really?
Ella: Yes she does. And she can put them on by herself.
Me: Wow, she's a really big girl too, isn't she.
Ella: Yes. She's a lady too.
Ella: I am very big. I can swim under water now. With the Bruces (See Finding Nemo). And they gonna bite me.

The things you have to look forward to when you are growing up.


jeanie said...

Ha ha ha - my niece the same age loves being a BIG GIRL - it is obviously an important issue.

My girl is now at an age where "she is not little - kids under 5 are little - she is middle!"

the godmother said...

hey lin, I'm not wearing any undies.

Neet said...

Hehehe... she's so gorgeous!