21 May 2008

How to handle a baby

We were riding home from daycare and Ella was on the back of the bike holding a little toy snake and chatting away to herself.

When I finally tuned into what she was saying, I heard this:

Ella - Waa waa. Baby, stop it!
Waa waa. Baby, stop it!
Waa waa. Baby, stop it!

Me - Ella, you shouldn't really yell at a baby like that. Maybe he just needs a cuddle, or maybe he's hungry or has a dirty nappy.
Ella - No, the snake just eaten all his friends.

I was genuinely horrified at this reply! The thought of the little imaginary baby who had just seen all his little friends being devoured by a monstrous snake and got no comfort from his mum and was being yelled at to stop crying on top of it actually made tears well up in my eyes.

I talked to her about the poor little baby needing a cuddle instead of a yelling at and the rest of the trip the dialogue from the back of the bike went something like:

Ella - Laugh baby, laugh!
Mum, the baby laughed.
Laugh baby, laugh.
Hahaha! You're so funny, Ella.

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the godmother said...

the mind truly boggles.