22 June 2008

Politics and philosophy

Ella had a busy day yesterday. I interrupted chatting to our visitors to tell her it was time to read books. The argument that followed went something like this:

Me - Time to read books, Ella. Can you please go and choose 3 books and we'll read them here.
Ella - I don't want to read books yet. I want to play a bit longer.
Me - Sorry sweetie, it's way past your bedtime, you can play more tomorrow, but now we are going to read books.
Ella - No, I want to play!
Me - Well, if you don't go and choose books now, you'll have to go to bed without books.
Ella - I'm hungry. What can I eat?
Me - All I have is the bread we had yesterday. Do you want some of that?
Ella - Yes, I want that!
Me - But you'll have to eat it while we read books then.
Ella - No, I want to eat first and then read books.
Me - No, you'll take way too long to eat and it's very late already. Either eat while we read or don't eat at all.
Ella - I don't want to eat.
Me - Ok.
Ella - But I am right!
Me - Sure.
Ella - I'll go and choose books now.

I remarked to my visitors that this child would grow up to become a politician for sure.

We read books which suddenly made her so sleepy that she even admitted to being tired. A first. Even too tired to give cuddles, she told me. However, not tired enough to pass on our usual bedtime chat.

This time she wanted to know:

Ella - Mum, when is it going to be the end of the world?
Me - Do you mean the end of the day? (She's mixed these up before) This day will end at midnight, in about 4 hours.
Ella - No, I want to know when is going to be the end of the world.
Me - Errr, the world is going to end a long, long, long time after we have died.
Ella - But when?
Me - No one knows when. We cannot know.
Ella - But I think about that, you know.
Me - Why don't you think about something happy now?
Ella - I'll think about who's going to come to my birthday party.

Upon my return to the loungeroom I informed my visitors that this child would grow up to become a philosopher for sure.

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