05 July 2008

Funny fairy

Ella came home from daycare with a nice little bruise under her eye, which the carers said she'd got during their music/dance program.

Me - That's a nice bruise you got there Ella. Did someone bump into you when you were dancing?
Ella - No, noone bumped into me. I falled over.
Me - Did you fall over because you were dancing?
Ella - No, I just falled over. I wasn't doing anything and then I just falled over.
Me - [laughing]
Ella - Don't laugh mum, it's NOT funny!
Me - [laughing even harder because I try to stop laughing]
Ella - Stop laughing at me, mum!
Me - I'm not laughing AT you sweetie, I'm laughing WITH you.
Ella - But I didn't say anything funny. I'm not a funny fairy.
Me - Er... I'm just laughing because I'm happy.
Ella - You're so funny, mum. You make me laugh!

Pfew! Nice save...


Alison said...

LOL! Especially at the "It's NOT funny" !!
Very nice save, mum. :)

jeanie said...

definitely fished that one out of the fire, super mum!!