20 September 2009

Duh moment #243

Ella and I were discussing the progress of our veggie patch project (in English as we had an English speaking guest):

Me - It will be so exciting to see the veggies appear on the plants, won't it?
Ella - Disappear.
Me - No, appear.
Ella - No, disappear.
Me - Appear. Disappear means to go away. Appear means we can start seeing them.
Ella - Appear is not a real word!
Me - Yes it is, miss dictionary. Do you want me to go get the dictionary?
Ella - What's a dictionary?
Me - "Woordenboek" (Dutch translation)
Ella - I can't read.



Alison said...

Duh indeed.

jeanie said...

ha ha ha ha - she has you there!

Apparently kids don't really "get" sarcasm until they are about 10 - I can assure you in practical trials a 9.75 will get sarcasm quite well (and throw it back at you)!!