13 December 2009


Yesterday afternoon I was treated to a concert that lasted probably about 2 hours with Ella being the main (read: only) performer on the loungeroom stage. She was on the microphone (one of those $2 plastic mics that slightly reverberates) and wearing a hula skirt and a glittery head dress.

I was treated to hits that flirted with genres from country to punk-rock and were announced with titles such as:

"Everything is very fun and happy"
"Everything is going wrong"
"Everything is going good"
"Everyone is happy and laughing"
"The tree rabbit"
"I love you"

That was only a small selection! The enthusiastic announcer reassured her audience regularly that the concert would go on after a one minute lunch break and then it would go on until midnight, but there'd be a short break for dinner, and it wouldn't even stop at midnight, it would go on until morning.

I cheered and yelled "We love you Ella!" after each song for the first hour or maybe more but my enthusiasm slowly started to wane when she followed me into the kitchen when I started on dinner. By the time the steak started burning and the chips got too brown, I had to tell her I could no longer pay attention to her performance and cruelly foiled her singing marathon plans.

I wish I had filmed this because some of the lyrics were absolutely hilarious but I cannot remember them now.

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jeanie said...

Oh I remember such concerts, before I became the art critic insisting on rehearsal and editing...

Its a balance - be the mother who nourishes the self-esteem at the expense of sanity, or be the mother preparing the child for life.

Sometimes you have to stop and enjoy the show - and sometimes you have to cook dinner!!