02 April 2010

Random conversations #4

Riding our bikes to walk Luna the dog.

Me - I so look forward to going to the movies!
Ella - Do you know what I look forward to, mum?
Me - No.
Ella - I look forward to being in year 6!
Me - Why?
Ella - Because then I can be someone's big buddy.
Me - But you don't even like younger kids!
Ella - I will then.
Me - I hope so because otherwise I'll feel very sorry for your little buddy.
        You're funny, Ella!
Ella - No, you're funny!
Me - Well, we're a funny family.
Ella - No. Only you and Luna are funny.

A bit later I said "Go on girl" to Luna as a sign for both her and Ella that it was safe to cross the road.

Ella - We're a whole girl family, aren't we?

Girl power rocks!

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