22 August 2010

The living dead

I felt a bit emotional when I listened to the song about kids leaving home in the Mamma Mia movie that Ella was watching.

Me - This song makes me sad because it's about kids leaving home and one day you'll be all grown up and leave me too.
Ella [getting all teary] - Mum! Don't say that! Remember, I will always live with you? And we were going to work together?
Ella - Do you know what makes me sad? When I think about how you are older than me so you are going to die first. [Chokes up again.]
Me - We should stop getting sad about things that won't happen for a long, long time.
Ella - Is that when you will never see me again, when you die?
Me - I suppose so.
Ella - Yes, because if you would come back alive, you'd be a zombie!

That cracked us both up and then we practised our zombie imitation.

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Shelly said...

It shocks me when Ella talks about dying and things so serious. I've read blogs where you mention that you shouldn't shade the truth from children just because we assume their minds are too tender but it still shocks me, probably because I'm not expecting it. She's so bright and I'm quite jealous that she can speak her emotions and thoughts of death so openly. =) You are a good mother...