05 November 2010


We had the usual argument about how many soft toys Ella could take when we were packing for her weekend at the coast. I told her to just take her 4 smallish favourites. But then she came back in with a larger teddy and asked:

Ella - Can I take this one too?
Me - No, he won't fit. He can stay here to keep me company.

Ella hugged the teddy tightly, her lip started quivering and she just managed to say in a very dramatic voice:

Ella - But, but, he's so flu-uffy!" [starts to cry loudly on the last word]

You probably had to be there but it had me in stitches. And the more I laughed, the more she cried, the more it made me laugh, the more it made her cry. I can't even explain why I found it so funny, but now hours later every time I even think the word 'fluffy' I still chuckle.

At least she didn't get angry with me this time. But she wouldn't show a sad face when I took a picture of her and the teddy for the blog because "she didn't want anyone else to laugh at her".

PS: "Fluffy" went to the coast.

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