24 February 2011


Ella is not always as independent as I would allow her to be. So when I told her at the start of the school year that I would not walk her to her classroom anymore every morning, she wasn't very impressed. And there have been numerous mornings when she got a bit teary because I insisted on leaving her at the school gate. I've explained that she is older now and does not need me to accompany her (even if the school rules say I should, bah humbug), but she doesn't seem willing to accept it yet.

This morning at the school gate she asked me to come in as usual and complained bitterly when I said no. Then she suddenly said:

Ella - Mum, can we go and talk to my friends Chrissy and Riley? They're over there!
Me - Well, you can go see them, but I have to go.
Ella starts running off.
Me - Hey wait, your schoolbag.
Ella comes back and hurriedly hooks her backpack on one arm and runs off again.
Me [yelling after her] - Bye sweetie! Have a great day! I'll see you at 3!
Ella [shouting over her shoulder while she runs] - I'm not 5 anymore, you know.

And she was gone...

I chuckled about it all the way home.

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the river said...

I NEED to see her before she hits seven. Somehow.