10 June 2011

Useful words

Ella picked Roald Dahl's 'The Witches' as her before bed book. I tried my best to convince her to pick something else, as I was (am) convinced it's too hard for a beginning reader and she'd be better off reading something less challenging before bed. After I went through her bookcase and got an "Oh yeah, I already read that one" to pretty much all of the books aimed at beginning readers, I tried one last attempt at persuading her to choose something else.

Me - It's ok to say 'This book is too tiring, I might read something else first.' I still think The Witches is more for older kids.
Ella - Mu-um! I've already read the first page and it's not hard.
Me - I think there might be too many big words in there for you.
Ella - I can read 'bloodthirsty'.

What could you say to that?!

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