19 September 2007

Love me all the time

We were walking home from the shop. We were at the stage where my patience was rapidly evaporating as it started to feel like our trip would take longer than Frodo's journey to Mordor, with Ella who kept changing her mind on whether to ride her bike or walk, kept stopping to pick up rocks or climb dirt mountains and completely ignored my attempts to spur her on.

Then suddenly as we we'd been walking along in silence for a couple of minutes I heard her ask: "Mum, do you love me all the time?"

I asked her to repeat it as I was convinced I'd misheard, but there it was again, clear as a bell:

"Mum, do you love me all the time?"

I knelt down to look her in the eyes and told her that of course I love her all the time, that I love her even when I am nagging, that I love her even when she is crying, that I love her also when she is asleep and when she isn't there. That I love her always and always and always.

Then I gave her a big hug, on the footpath with cars and people going past.

I still cannot believe that my 2 3/4 yo asked me this question! What made her think of this? What was going on in her head?

It was an easy question to answer though. And for once I did not mind stating the obvious at all.


jeanie said...

Looking at that angelic face, who wouldn't love her all the time?!

Yep, even when they are little devils, they are still the loves of our lives.

Neet said...

Aawww... That's the sweetest thing ever!! How could you not love her!??
Sorry bout the facepaint on the shirt. Completely Nic's fault tho for swinging her around when the facepaint was still wet!! Should wash out tho! :)

Anonymous said...

We hebben hier met zijn drietjes alle stukjes gelezen die je tot nu toe op je Blog gezet hebt en er samen veel plezier aan beleefd. Het is leuk geschreven, je kan het misschien ooit publiceren in boekvorm. We wachten al op het vervolg!

Groetjes, Reinhilde, Rinke en Ebert