18 September 2007

Power foods

At the dinner table tonight:

Ella: Mum, can I have some more fish?
Me: Wow, you're eating lots of fish. That's great. Fish is good for you. It makes you smart.

5 minutes later...

Ella: I have enough now.
Me: Ok.
Ella: I am smart.
Me: Oh, from eating the fish. Yes you are very smart.
Ella. Yes. And from eating the potatoes?
Me: Potatoes make you strong.
Ella: I am strong.
Like a man.
Or a lady. (The feminist in me breathed a sigh of relief at this point.)
Me: Yes you are strong.
Ella: I am not strong enough.
Not like a man.
Or a lady.

These foods are maybe not as powerful as I wanted to make her believe after all...

1 comment:

jeanie said...

Oh how cute, Lin - at least your words are working enough for her to parrot, and she is smart enough to work out that they are not instant magic!!