22 January 2009

No fun

This morning Ella was watching ABC Kids in the bedroom and a show called Go Yabba Yabba was on. She didn't react when I commented that this show was weird. Too weird. So weird that it was almost creepy. Then - as I was searching for clothes for work:

Go Yabba Yabba: What do you think is fun?
Me - Not going to work is fun. And sleeping in is lots of fun too. And someone else cleaning your house, now that's fun!
Ella - Mum, it's on the tv. They can't hear you.

Always ruining my fun with her common sense!

1 comment:

jeanie said...

Oh Ella - lol - d'uh Mum!!

I just asked 'Salina about Go Yabba Yabba and her criticism of it was "its sort of a baby show - but that is my point of view".