11 January 2009

Senior days

After coming out of the supermarket today:

Me - Ella, for the 5th time, get on the bike now please, I'm fed up waiting.
Ella - I just have to do this.
Me - Ok, then I'll go and you can walk home.
Ella - Nooo!
Me - It was just a joke, Ella. You know I'd never do that. But I just don't want to be kept waiting any longer.
Ella - That makes me very sad if you say that.
Me - I'm sorry, sweetie. You know I would never, ever leave you behind anywhere. Just get on the bike now.
Ella [climbing on the bike] - If you say that again, I'll be very sad.
Me - I'll try not to say it again, ok? But you know it's only a joke, don't you? I would really never, ever leave you behind. I have told you that plenty of times.
Ella - I forget sometimes.
Me - You forget that I would never leave you?
Ella - Yes. And you have to remind me lots of times on the days that I forget.
Me - Ok.
Ella - I'll tell you which days I forget.
Me - Ok?
Ella - Thursday...
Me - [burst out laughing]
Ella - And Wednesday. And Sunday. That's the days you have to remind me.
Me - Ok, on Wed, Thurs and Sunday I will tell you lots that I'll never, ever leave you.


M+B said...

ROFL! Those could be the days I need some extra reminding, too??? I'm glad Ella remembers which days she needs more reminding though LOL

jeanie said...

Oh that is priceless!!

And as for the reasoning behind it in the first place - it used to really set my teeth on edge having to wait for the "one more time"