27 May 2009

That'll teach those baddies!

Ella fell over the other day when we were racing to see who could get inside first at daycare. It resulted in a nice bruise right next to her eye. The following day we had this conversation in the car.

Ella - Mum, my eye hurts when I close both my eyes. When I close both my eyes my eye hurts where I falled.
Me - Oh, that's no good. I hope it feels better very soon.
Ella - And it's not funny.
Me - No, it's not funny having pain.
Ella - Baddies think it's funny.
Me - Yeah, baddies think it's funny when people hurt.
Ella - And that's not nice, is it?
Me - No, not nice at all.
Ella - We don't do that.
Me - No, we try to be nice to other people. And when you're nice to other people there's a bigger chance that other people will be nice to you.
Ella - Yeah.
Me - Because we don't really want to be nice to baddies, do we?
Ella - No. We can say we love them. But then we don't love them.
Me - Err, yeah?
Ella - And not be scared when they say boo. They hate that, when you're not scared when they say boo. And that's ok, isn't it. Because they're baddies.

Not a very effective strategy from a criminal justice system perspective maybe. But I'm so happy that that is the worst version of 'not being nice to someone' that she can come up with at this stage.


Rinkelbel said...

Lol, Moet ik is proberen :P

jeanie said...

Wow - logic 101!!!

She is amazing Lin.