30 January 2010

Aquarium casualties

We spent the last afternoon of our stay at Mystery Bay at a little inlet in the National Park.

Ella - Mum, let me show you my path.
Me - Ok.
[I start following Ella climbing up the rocks, passing rock pools and listening to her commentary in her shopkeeper voice]
Ella - And this is our aquarium.
Me - Ooh, little fish.
Ella - Yes fish and there's other animals in there too, snails, maybe crabs. They are all for sale.
Me - No thanks, I'm not all that interested in fish at the moment.
Ella [continues to the next rock pool] - And now I'll show you our crab. His name is Nibbles.
Me - What a great name for a crab!
Ella - Do want to know how he died?
Me - How?
Ella - I had an elephant in the aquarium as well. Someone selled it to me. And the elephant crushed the crab.
Me - And now you're trying to sell me a dead crab!
Ella - Pretend it is alive, mum.

She ended up selling me an imaginary hermit crab and a shell to put him in. I passed on the sea snails - even though she convinced me that they were the ideal pet as they didn't need any care at all; you just stick them on a rock.

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