07 January 2010


Ella had a bit of a meltdown because her water bottle didn't come back from her holiday and she needed water to drink next to her bed. I gave her some clear messages about crying not being a suitable way to deal with problems and finally she started calming down and came up with:

Ella - I think there's a water bottle in the bike basket.
Me - That's right! If you go and hop into bed, I'll go get it for you. I'm very proud that you managed to think of a solution all by yourself. See, there's a solution to every problem!
Ella - Not if a balloon is cutted!

I absolutely love it when kids challenge cliche generalisations! It shows they can think for themselves. Little smarty pants.


Shelly said...

Wow - you're daughter is the greatest! =D that's way beyond adorable, lol =P

.mssunshine. said...

I find that truly amazing. You have quite the precious one there.