18 March 2010


Ella - Today at school, I read 'sat' all by myself!
Me - Wow!
Ella - I read s a t. Sat!
Me - I'm so proud! You can read!
Ella - I can only read 'sat'.
Me - I'm sure you can read other words too. See if you can read this.
Ella - p a t. p a t. p a t. Sat? No. p a t. p a t. Mat? No. p a t. p a t. Pat!
Me - Well done! See, you can read.
Ella - I can only read some words.
Me - But that's a great start. Let's try a harder one. What does this say?
Ella - t a p. t a p. t a p. Pat? No. t a p. t a p. t a p. Mat? No. t ap. t a p. t a p. Cucumber!

I expect this is going to turn into a running joke from now on, where she's going to yell 'cucumber' whenever she can't work something out..


Shelly said...

Hahahaha! Ella is just beyond adorable! =D


Cinta said...

I love reading your blog. She (and you) has a great sense of humour!

Lin said...

Thanks Cinta! I forget so many of the funny things she says. I should walk around with a voice recorder really. :)