14 March 2010


Thursday afternoon:

Ella - Do you know what we talked about in school today, mum?
Me - No, what did you talk about?
Ella - We talked about "My stuff my responsibility." And your stuff, your responsibility.

Friday evening, sitting on the bed watching tele:

Me - Ella, would you please fetch my mobile for me?
Ella - Mu-um! Don't ask me to do stuff just because you're lazy!
Me - Fair enough, but I just feel really tired because I've had a busy day. Could you please do this for me, that would be really helpful of you.
Ella - Mum, remember what I told you: "Your stuff, your responsibility"!
Me - Ok. If it's like that, from now on you can do your own shopping, make your own sandwiches, cook your own dinner, wash your own clothes, mow the lawn,...

I'm not really sure where the lawn mowing fitted in, but it cracked her up. And she did get my mobile for me!

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