09 May 2010

Mothers Day

So I had a sulk on Mothers Day because a) my child did not even remember it was Mothers Day (thank you school for being so overly politically correct that you won't even mention Mothers of Fathers Day at school anymore!) b) even after I explained that the idea of Mothers Day should probably be that you make your mother feel special and appreciated my child did not make me feel any more special or any less of a servant than any other day of the week and continued to watch tv all day c) said child did not keep promises.

So I scrubbed the whole house on my own. Mind you, it was necessary and I felt a lot better after it was done!

In the afternoon I finally got out of my sulk-powered cleaning fit and decided to join the fruit of my labour in her laziness. So we watched a DVD together and I confirmed that she was the best Mothers Day present I could wish for.

Next year we will make it a mother-daughter day and plan more relaxing things to do that we both enjoy.

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