26 May 2010

Vivid imagination

Ella has this friend who has a really vivid imagination. And Ella is oh so gullible!

The other day she told me that Em does not live with her mum and dad. She lives with the queen. The story went for about 20 minutes and greatly confused me. When I finally convinced her that there was no queen in Australia, she decided that she must live with the Governor General then. Sigh.

Yesterday she informed me that Em now does not have a mother anymore. Apparently her mother was sitting on the toilet one day when this metal claw came out of nowhere and grabbed her by the chin. She died. She acted out the horrible accident for me whilst sitting on the toilet. I did manage to make her see on this occasion that that story could definitely NOT be true.

Em also convinced Ella that x-rays hurt and Ella once did not visit the school library for 3 weeks because Em had made her believe that everyone who entered the library had to wear 3D glasses!

It does make me laugh often and I tell Ella that Em is a damn good story teller. But I also get annoyed because Ella believes everything Em says and prefers to stick to her version of events when I try to expose her lies through logical arguments!

And I have now absolutely no idea what to believe when it comes from Em. Like, did she really have an older sister Beth who died in hospital? Not the kind of thing that you could casually ask a her parents!

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