24 January 2008

The medicinal properties of wine

I needed some cheering up after a very painful phone call to the tax office yesterday afternoon, so we had dinner in a restaurant on the way back from daycare.

Ella is such perfect company when we go out to eat with just the 2 of us. She enjoys every part of the experience and is a great conversationalist.

The funniest part of our conversation was after we did 'cheers' - me with a glass of red wine, she with her glass of water:

Ella - Don't you want some water too, mum?
Me - Yes, actually I'd better drink some. It's always good to drink water with dinner.
Ella - Yes, and beer is good for your tummy, isn't it? (I tell her regularly that the berry juice I give her occasionally is good for her tummy)
Me - Well, if you say so, it must be true. But this isn't beer.
Ella - Oh, what is it then?
Me - It's wine.
Ella - Wine is good for your tummy too.
Me - Oh good, because I like drinking wine.
Ella - I don't like drinking wine.
Me - That's good because wine is only good for mummies' tummies, not for kids.
Ella - Nooo! Juice is good for my tummy, not wine. (Pfew!)

Then, when I told Ella that we'd better go home because Luna was waiting for us and it was getting late, she said to the people at the table next to ours - who had not even looked at us, let alone talked to us - "Bye! We have to go now. We have to go to Luna. Because she is waiting for us. So we're going home now." She said this in an almost apologetic way because - naturally - everyone, even strangers, are sad when she leaves.

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Neet said...

Of course they were sad to see her leave! (aren't we all?)