04 January 2008

Surf chick

We went camping at Mystery Bay at the South Coast for 3 days. Overall it was a fantastic experience and Ella proved to be excellent company.

She adapted so well to living in a tent, helped me where she could and seemed to enjoy the whole experience. Especially the beach of course. Last time we went to the beach in November, she seemed to get bored with it fairly quickly and needed to be entertained. She wouldn't go in the water unless I held her hand and even then she panicked when a slightly bigger wave came. This time she played in the waves on her own! She only went knee-deep and ran away from the bigger waves, which was heaps of fun. She fell over in the water a few times, but got straight back in. She sat down to dig holes while the waves washed over her body. And she laughed heaps. It was such a joy to watch her having so much fun. And it was such a joy to be able to relax without feeling guilty! Being the social butterfly that she is, also made her gravitate towards other people in the surf, which adds some extra security.

She told me about 50 times how much fun it was, going camping.

Though the first night - after our first trip to the beach - we had this conversation:

Me - Are you happy we are camping at the beach?
Ella - Yeah, I'm very happy.
Ella (serious face) - Let's not do it again though.
Me - What do you mean?! Don't you like camping at the beach?
Ella (very cheeky grin) - Yea-eah!

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