28 January 2008

The unbearable lightness of Ella

I didn't have much patience for Ella's impersonation of a tortoise as she was climbing into the car today. After my impersonation of a military drill sergeant, I apologised to her by saying:

Me - I'm sorry Ella, I'm just a bit grumpy today.
Ella - Why?
Me - Not for a reason, I just am today.
Ella - But you're so funny when you're grumpy, mummy!

When I assured her I would not be grumpy anymore tomorrow, she said in a disappointed tone: "But then you won't be funny anymore!".


Ella had just come out of the pool and was standing on the lawn with a towel wrapped around her, nibbling on a cracker and looking around when she stated:
"Men don't have hair, do they?"

I remembered I'd seen a bald man amongst the pool dwellers earlier, so I said: "Some men don't have hair."

Ella took a bite of her cracker, still looking around and then turned to me and said casually: "Shame, isn't it?"

I laughed for about 5 minutes.


jeanie said...

ha ha - she is willing to take the bad with the good, it seems!

A said...

Sounds like those rose coloured glasses work for grumpy mum but not for bald men. Perfect!

Neet said...

Maybe she's referring to Uncle Dan's forehead? But I spose the rest of his head of hair makes up for it!
Gee I laughed when she wouldn't hug him goodbye in his naughty fairy outfit. (I don't blame her for being disturbed... I was!)