10 September 2008

I know what you did at daycare

Yesterday when I picked Ella up from daycare, I found her with 3 other girls digging in the dirt in a corner of the garden.

These were the same sweet little girls whom that same day I'd overheard having a conversation about their favourite colours being purple and pink and observed playing with fairy dolls with rainbow wings and light-up tiaras.

When I approached the 4 angelic looking creatures Ella told me:

- We're in a boat because the whole world has turned into blood!

The other girls nodded affirmatively.

I slowly backed away and fled to the kitchen.


jeanie said...

Oh, isn't it GRUESOME when you child discovers the beauty of horror!!!

Alison said...

LOL. I love it.

Neet said...

hehehe... the things they come out with. Today three boys were playing in the home corner kitchen. I asked them what they were cooking, and they said "we're cooking H." (H being another child who had been chasing them!!)