15 September 2008

Little Miss Bossy

I invited the 4yo boy from across the road to come play with Ella on Saturday, thinking that she might stop demanding my attention so I wouldn't have to interrupt my work and/or yell at her to stop yelling at me.

As it turned out, Ella was so bossy to him, that I ended up having to referee most of the time he was there. So I ended up getting this gem from him:

Me - Ella's very bossy, isn't she?
Boy - Yes. Even my mum isn't that bossy.

This one will definitely be used in any potential future wedding speech!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Rinke zal iets ouder geweest zijn dan Ella toen Anneleen bij ons kwam spelen. Rinke was toen ook zo bazig ten opzichte van Anneleen dat ik er ongemakkelijk van werd. Gelukkig leren ze ook dat een beetje beter controleren met de jaren!