15 September 2008

Toilet paper trees

I told Ella about being a bit scared of walking under old trees with the gale force wind yesterday afternoon.

Ella - I saw them cut down a big tree at the creche once.
Me - Oh yeah? Who cut it down?
Ella - A big strong man.
Me - Right.
Ella - Toilet paper comes from trees.
Me - That's right, they make toilet paper from trees.
Ella - They're going to have to cut down another tree at the creche soon.
Me - Oh yeah? Why do they need to cut it down?
Ella - Because the creche is running out of toilet paper.

I think it was mainly the delightful predictability as well as the serious way in which she said it that made me laugh out loud. But it was the frown that appeared on her forehead and the indignant tone in her voice when she said: "Stop laughing, mum!" that ended up turning a loud belly laugh into uncontrollable fits of laughter. I only just managed to sputter that her telling me to stop laughing always made me want to laugh even harder, but she kept looking at me with barely disguised vexation until I'd wiped the last tears off my cheeks.

Nothing like an ultra-logical preschooler for some comic relief!


jeanie said...

Oh my - that is utterly priceless (and do you realise Reader's Digest will pay up to $100 for stories like that!).

She is going to be a card when she truly realises her power of wit. Not that I am saying she is witless now - more unwitting!

Alison said...

That is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

haha...toiletpapier!!!spreekt Ella eigenlijk al terug Engels?