04 August 2009

Casual remarks

Sometimes I love listening to Ella talking to herself or her toys in play. I have to say sometimes, because other times I find it downright annoying when she's sitting right next to me and her 'characters' are going a bit wild and I cannot hear myself think.

Today I wasn't really paying much attention when she was playing with the fridge magnets and making them talk while I was cooking. Until I heard her say:

Ella - I promise I'm going to kill my mum.
Me [laughing but trying to sound indignant] - Pardon me?!
Ella - Mu-um! That means she's not going to kill her mum.
(She gets quite annoyed when I laugh at her play voices.)

You really do wonder what goes on in their head. Should I be scared?

1 comment:

the godmother said...

be afraid..
be very afraid.....