18 August 2009

The grumpy old woman and the normal teens

This morning I was driving driving Ella to daycare when we came to the corner of a street that is a popular shortcut for commuters. It is also the route from the bus stop to the nearby high school. And this morning was not the first time that I saw some of these teenagers - hands in pockets, headphones in, eyes fixed somewhere on their feet - step onto the road to cross at the corner without checking for cars turning into the street.

Me - Ah, the arrogance of youth.
Ella - Why did you say that?
Me [laughing] - Because I'm a grumpy old woman.
Ella - No, you're not.
Me - Yes I am. I am a grumpy old woman.
Ella - Na-ah. You're not.
Me - I said that because those teenagers crossed the road without looking for cars. What a silly thing to do, isn't it? Don't they know that they could easily die if they don't look when they cross the road? Teenagers can be a bit strange like that. It's as if they just never think about danger.
Ella - I will always look before I cross the road.
Me - That pleases me so much to hear you say that!
Ella - And I will not be a normal teenager, you know.
Me - That pleases me too!

If only. I'm sure when I was younger, I used to say I would never turn into a grumpy old woman too.

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