14 February 2008

Ella on tv

I watched all the news reports on the apology on Wednesday night, except for Lateline on ABC. But 2 people emailed me yesterday saying that they thought they saw Ella in the footage shown in the program.

I found the video on their website: Lateline report on the apology
And there's Ella scratching her nose. With 'new cat'. I love the way she appears when the voice-over starts the dramatic introduction: "To Canberra they came in their thousands, the young and old, black and white, from near and far." And they picked her from thousands of people to illustrate "the young"!

We watched it about a dozen times last night. I'm now trying to source a better quality copy on DVD. It's only a split-second appearance, but how cool is it going to be to watch this with Ella when she's older and when I can explain in more detail what it was about!!! It'll be like a 'personalised' history lesson. And undeniable proof that she was really there.


Neet said...

That's great!! She'll love that when she gets older! When I was a kid, I was at a folk festival and ended up on the back cover of the LP of music from the festival. I can actually still remember it (I must have been 2 or 3). They had filmed me with a video camera, and mum and dad said I might get on the TV. I was terrified... thinking that I would have to crawl down a big long tube to get into the TV!
Anyway... as I grew up a bit I loved looking at the picture of me on the album cover!

debby said...

Oh, how wonderful that you took Ella to this!

PS she is a real cutie pie. Easy to see why she was picked.

Our family was very shocked to watch the NBC news one night to see my nephew Jim and his wife on TV during a segment about the Fisher houses, where wounded soldiers can live together as they rebuild their lives and bodies. It IS a shock to see a familiar face on the nightly news, isn't it?