10 February 2008


We went to the Multicultural Festival today an ended up watching some dance performances. The first was a Japanese group from about 5yo to in their 20s. They all had big grins on their faces and the dancing was such fun to watch. As soon as they started Ella jumped up and started imitating them. Watching them and trying to hold her arms the way they did and jumping up and down with them. I was torn between watching the real dancers and Ella's mirror performance.

Next was a group of belly dancers and I was really looking forward to see how Ella would imitate them. She tried some of their hand movements, but looked rather puzzled at the hip swinging and when they all did a shimmy, she looked flabbergasted. When questioned later, they were her favourie performance. Though that seemed to have more to do with them entering the stage with baskets on their heads than with their dance moves.

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jeanie said...

I used to know a girl who did bellydance theme parties for little girls.

It is gorgeous that your little one is such an imitator!