18 February 2008

Playing families

Ella (from the sandpit) - Do you want an icecream?
Me - I'd love one!
Ella - What kind do you want?
Me - I want er... coffee!
Ella - I don't have coffee
Me - Do you have er... banana icecream?
Ella - No, I have no banana.
Me - So what flavours do you have?
Ella - I have chocolate.
Me - Why do you ask what kind I want when you only have chocolate anyway?
Ella - Oh ok. I have berries, chocolate, strawberries...
Me - Ok, I'll have chocolate after all.
Ella - Here you go. It's a baby icecream because you are the baby. You are the baby and I am the mummy.
Me - (lick, lick, lick)
Can I have another one?
Ella - No, you can only have one.
Me - Waaa, waaaa! I want another one! Waaa! Waaa!
Ella - Ok baby, you can have another one.
Me - Maybe babies need to learn that they cannot have everything they want?
Ella - Oh. Baby you cannot have another one.
Me - Waaa, waaa, waaaa!
Ella - Oh baby, do you want a cuddle?

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A said...

Gorgeous, Lin. What a great lesson and a great problem solver Ella is, offering baby a cuddle instead.