18 February 2008


Background: We have an episode of The Upside Down Show on DVD in which Shane's hair gets very long (after visiting the very hairy room). He's a little apprehensive about going to the barbershop, but eventually conquers his fears and his hair gets cut back to normal length, ie. bald.

Me - We should take you to the hairdresser to cut your hair.
Ella - No! I don't want short hair, I want long hair.
Me - Yeah, we're not going to get it all cut off, only a little bit so it looks nicer.
Ella - No, because then we would be Shane. And we don't want to be Shane, do we? We want to be Ella and mummy.

I like being Ella and mummy.


A said...

I love the literal minds of toddlers!

jeanie said...

Oh how gorgeous! I loved the ice-cream story too.