08 March 2008

When fish fly

We were having desert with Ella's godmother in the city tonight and were discussing who was going to pay for it. Ella admitted that she would not pay because she did not have any money and so I would have to pay always. I broke the news to her that when she's a bit bigger, she can earn money too and pay for things.

What followed was our first "What do you want to be when you grow up" conversation. With an Ella twist.

Godmother - So what do you want to be when you grow up, Ella? Do you want to be... a fireman?
Ella - Nooo! I wanna be... a gumnut!
We - A gumnut?!
Ella - Noooo! Not yet.
Me - But what do you want to do for work, to earn money?
Ella - What do you do?
Me - I am err... an internet... err... I work with computers, Ella. But what do you want to do when you're grown-up, for work, to earn money? Do you want to be a doctor, or a cleaner, or a teacher, or a vet,...
Ella - I'm gonna be a fishie... that can fly!
[Demonstrates her idea by making swimming and flying motions with her arms]
Me - That's a great way to earn money! Because not many people have ever seen a fishie that can fly. I'd pay good money to see that!

So that's that then. I had dreams about her becoming an engineer, she wants to work in some animal freak-show. But you know, as long as she's happy...

1 comment:

the godmother said...

engineer schmengineer. a flying fish / gumnut is ideal.

wish i'd been one of those..