19 March 2008


Ella - There's a hair on my kiwi.
Me - Yuck, I'll get it off for you.
Ella - It's one of your hairs.
Me - No, it's one of yours, it's blond.
Ella - And you have brown hair.
Me - And some white hair because I'm getting old.
Ella - You're not old because you still work.
Me - I suppose.
Ella - And when you are old then you don't work anymore. And then I don't have to go to daycare anymore!
Me - By the time I stop working, you'll have to go to work!
Ella - And then you can go to daycare!


jeanie said...

Ouch - she has some sort of crystal ball, does she?

Alison said...

At least she didn't mention nappies.

jeanie said...

Hey Lin - tagged you for a six word memoir meme because its the internet and you can't run me down! Of course, no pressure to do it, but it is a fun way to tie up all the logic of your brain for a few days.

Neet said...

That's absolutely hilarious!! She definitely has a future as a comedian!!

x-kaatje-x said...

ey tante linde kaatje hier
speciaal voor jou heb ik op flickre ook een foto dinges daar ben ik kaatje.x
en hier ben ik x-kaatje-x
wil je af entoe een reactie achterlaten??

-xxx-jes kaatje