16 March 2008

Were do very, very naughty animals go?

I was reading my paper and was not consciously listening to Ella chatting away to her toy animals until I heard her say:

Ella - And now you have to go to gaol, puppy dog!
Me - Did you just say: "Go to gaol"?
Ella - Yeah, the puppy dog has to go to gaol.
Me - Why does he have to go to gaol?
Ella - Because he can't talk.
Me - Err... do you know what gaol is?
Ella - No.
Me - Gaol is where you have to go if you've done something very, very naughty.
Ella - The puppy dog has done something very, very naughty.
Me - Oh yeah? What did he do?
Ella - He was hitting people.
Me - Oh ok. Fair enough. Because gaol is like the naughty corner for grown-ups.
Ella - The puppy dog is a grown-up.

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