23 April 2008

Questions from the back of the bike

Question: Mum, when are we going to die?
Answer: Not for a long, long time. Most people die when they are very old. Older even than D and she's 75. Some people die when they are younger, but not many.

Question: Mum, why do you always say "dude"?
Answer: I don't! Do I? [Then I realised that I'd just said something like "Go on dude, are you going to go or not?"] Oh, I do when I'm grumbling and grizzling about cars on the road, don't I? I would never call someone I know that, so I suppose it's not nice of me to say that to people in cars.

Question: Mum, what's Tibet?
Answer: [In summary] China and Tibet are countries and the people from China stole Tibet from the people who lived in Tibet.
Question: Why did they steal their beds?

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