13 April 2008

Two good reasons to get a camera phone

Last Friday I picked Ella up from daycare and she was argueing with her best friend over who would get to pick up the beetle they'd found. I walked past them and went to sign the time-sheet when I suddenly heard Ella scream. I pulled open the door and there she stood crying with a massive bite mark on her arm, just under the elbow. I'd never seen a bite mark like that. It looked so gruesome. The indents from the teeth must've been a couple of mms deep! I was sure it was going to bruise, but 3 minutes and an icepack later, all that was left was a slightly red circle. Wish I'd had a camera to document the initial damage though.

[Also to film best friend coming in with a very glum face to apologise, Ella's spontaneous "that's alright!" after which she continued by conveying her excitement about the icepack to best friend who was for once lost for words.]

The other kodak moment was when Ella yelled for me after I'd just gone out to the backyard and on my return to the loungeroom I discovered she'd slipped behind the couch and was stuck between the wall and the back of the couch, only just preventing herself from dissapearing into the abyss completely by hanging on with her arms over the back. I glanced at my camera on my desk, but it didn't have the batteries in it and I didn't want to let her hang there for that much longer. Instead I just started laughing as I grabbed hold of her, apologising to Ella with a "but it looks so funny" and getting an indignant "it's NOT funny, mum" in reply.

I should get her to re-enact the pose for the camera, only I've already threatened to leave her there if she every gets herself in that position again.


Delta said...

You write very well.

Anonymous said...

Purchasing memory is such a big hassle... You have to search online for prices, filter through which ones are genuine, step out and walk around a bunch of shops,compare prices, finally buy your memory, and then constantly pray that the price doesn't fall in the next two weeks or so.

I've been done in by some ridiculous price drops in the past... especially this one time when I bought a Micro SD for my R4 gaming flash card at what was apparently a steal, only to later see that it had dropped by five bucks in a week's time.

(Submitted on BlogServ for R4i Nintendo DS.)