16 April 2008


When we approached daycare this morning, the first thing I saw was a bright green digger digging trenches in the fenced off area that will once become the new baby room. Pretty exciting stuff for a toddler and - to be totally honest - for a 38yo mother of a toddler.

We did the usual putting lunch box/bag/coat away whilst discussing the colour of the digger (Ella: "That's my favourite colour!") and the appearance and disapearance of a second digger.

Then we joined the other girls (3-4yos, the 'big' girls) who were sitting on a row of little chairs about a metre from the fence, facing the construction site. I tied back Ella's hair while I chatted to the girls.
"Hey, this is just like watching television, isn't it?"
[To C who appeared - beaming - with a purple fluffy coat and matching hat] "Wow, look at you!".
One of the girls commented "You look nice and warm, C" and stroked the very furry coat.

Reluctantly I abandoned the conversation with my confident little sisters and I left while Ella ran off to get a ball like the ones the other girls were holding. It's important to fit in! When I looked back I saw the 6 girls sit there, on the first row watching the show and they looked so powerful and so perfect. Like an impressionist's painting of womanhood.

I'm finding it hard to describe. I really need that camera phone!


the godmother said...

awwwwww don't choke me up when I'm trying to work lin !!

jeanie said...

What a wonderful word picture, Lin!