30 March 2009


We had some pretty interesting conversations over the past 24 hours. These are the ones I (kind of) remember:

Ella had started yet another game with obscure rules that only she knew.

Ella - In this game, the one who is the craziest wins.
Me - Then I'm sure you'll win.
Ella - Who do you think wins the game, mum?
Me - I don't want to win this game!
Ella - Don't laugh then, mum. If you laugh a lot, you'll win the game.


Ella - Was that funny?
Me - Yeah, it was kind of funny.
Ella - Everyting's funny! Do you think everything's funny, mum?
Me - No, I can't say I do. Some things are very serious indeed.
Ella - I think everything's funny.


Watching an ad for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala last night.

Me - Oh good, that's on tonight.
Ella - What is?
Me - The Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala. It's people who tell funny jokes on stage.
Ella - And kill people?
Me - Huh? What? That wouldn't be funny at all!
Ella - Or pretend to kill people?
Me - Still not very funny.


Ella - I wish I was a grown-up.
Me - Why?
Ella - Because.
Me - But being a kid is so much fun and you can only be a kid once. Once you are a grown-up, you can never become a child again.
Ella - Yes you can.
Me - No, you can't. Once a grown-up, always a grown-up.
Ella - No, I'm going to be a grown up and then you are going to be a kid and then I'll be a grown-up and then you'll grow up again.
Me - I don't think so.
Ella - [suddenly starts crying] I will miss you when I live in another house.
Me - You don't have to go live in another house if you don't want to, sweetie. You can stay at my house for as long as you want. (I've made this promise before. I might regret it, but what else can I say?)
Ella - I wish we lived at the school.
Me - Why's that?
Ella - Because school is funner than here.
Me - Maybe we can try to make home funner then? How could we do that?
Ella - We need wood! They have wood at school. And we make high buildings of it. It's not rough wood. It is soft. Not like firewood.
Me - I could get some wooden blocks for you to play with at home.
Ella - And there's other wood to hammer nails in. And the soft hammers are in a bag. The hard hammers are not in a bag, they're just on the floor. And...
Me - How about you think about it when you fall asleep. It really is time for sleep now or you'll be way too tired for school tomorrow.


Ella - Mum look, I did no accidents in my pull-up at night. Now can I have a sticker?
Me - I'm afraid that pull-up is not really dry, sweetie, but that's ok. You were asleep and didn't feel you had to go to the toilet.
Ella - Im no good at this. I can't do it.
Me - Don't worry about it, you'll get the hang of it.
Ella - When I'm 5?
Me - I'm sure when you'll be 5 you'll be able to do it.
Ella - And when I'm 6?
Me - Definitely when you are 6.
Ella - And when I'm 18?
Me - Most certainly when you're 18!
Ella - But then I won't need a sticker anymore!


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jeanie said...

Oh, aren't they precious moments!! Thanks for sharing.