22 March 2009


Of course Ella reaches milestones of different proportions all the time. I don't get as excited about each milestone as I did when she was a tiny baby and even her finding her own hands seemed like a small miracle.

In the past 6 months she's learnt how to:

  • dress herself (finally!)
  • open the fridge door
  • open and close her seatbelt
  • open the car door from the outside and the inside
  • open the car window by herself
  • draw recognisable figures,
  • recognise most letters of the alphabet
  • copy most letters of the alphabet
  • rhyme
  • (pretty much) use our very user-unfriendly dvd player in the lounge room,
  • handle DVDs without scratching them
  • safely cross the road (is not yet allowed to do it on her own though
  • do 100 piece puzzels by herself
  • help me do 500 piece puzzles (she can do pieces I give up on!)
and so many more things I forgot.

But the milestones she reached in the past fortnight were a class apart and brought a huge grin to my face.

Last weekend I suddenly noticed that she can push herself on the swing! Hallelujah, praise the godess! Not only am I exctatic that I will never have to do the tedious, tiring, cramp invoking swing pushing for her ever again, I also do remember what a great activity it is to swing. In fact, I still enjoy doing it now and I still get that dreamy feeling when I do.

I'll be even happier when she can do it without yelling "Look mum! Look how high I am!" every few seconds.

The other milestone is even more significant to me. And everyone who knows me (and her dad) will understand my excitement.

She can ride a bike! SHE CAN RIDE A BIKE!

Ok, it was only 3 times for about 5 metres each time. And ok, I did have to help her get started. And ok, she did fall over twice, once after she stopped - without consequences, once while she stopped and she hurt her leg. But I managed to get her back on the bike straight away for the third round.

It'll take lots of gentle coaching and practice before she will feel confident in her ability to ride the bike without assistance and without thinking about crashing all the time. But we made a start and I feel so proud!

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jeanie said...

Confidence (in all of those tasks) is the major hurdle.

Life will come hurtling toward you that much faster now!!