10 March 2009


After Ella telling me a couple of times that she could not remember what she did at school, the phrase "time for bed" suddenly jogged her memory and she launched into a long and convoluted story about her running around with "some people" (she meant some kids - admittedly they are people too) chasing her.

Ella - And the teacher had already given them 2 warnings. She said: "Put your willies back!"
Me - She said what?!
Ella - She said: "Put your willies back".
Me - Willies?
Ella - Whee-eelies. The toys with the wheels. Did you see them this morning?
Me - [laughing out loud] I did. I do remember seeing the wheelies this morning. And what happened then?


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Neet said...

Hehehe. It must be hard not to just laugh uncontrollably sometimes!!!