13 March 2009

Wedding party

Conversation we had last night:

Ella - I wish I could marry you. Can kids marry their mum?
Me - No, it's not allowed.
Ella - Why isn't it allowed?
Me - It's just the rule.
Ella - Mum, I want to come to your marry site.
Me - You mean wedding?
Ella - Yeah. I want to come to your wedding.
Me - Sure, if I ever get married, you can come to my wedding. But who would I marry?
Ella - I know! [Eyes glistenig at this fantastic idea] You can marry my daddy!
Me - [Chuckle] I don't think so, sweetie.
Ella - Why not?
Me - We did already get married once.
Ella - When?
Me - Before you were born. And we didn't think living together was all that much fun, so we would not get married again. You'll have to think of someone else.
Ella - I know, you could marry Dan!
Me - No, I can't.
Ella - Oh yeah.
Me - Because he's already married to Neet.
Ella - [Obviously straining her brain to think of other male friends] You can marry a lady! Because that's ok. I'm going to marry Camilla.
Me - But I don't want to marry a woman.
Ella - You'll just have to, mum.
Me - But I won't. How about I just don't get married then. That's ok.
Ella - [Buries her head in the doonah and starts sobbing]
Me - [Laughing uncontrollably]
Ella - Don't laugh!
Me - [Unable to stop laughing] But Ella, why are you so sad, sweetie?
Ella - [Looking past me with tears streaming down her face] Because you are not going to get married.
Me - [Another bout of belly laughter] Sorry Ella, but me not getting married is no big deal?
Ella - [Sobbing even harder] But I want to come to the party for your wedding!

It took me a while to stop laughing and I had to promise her to have a big party - like a wedding party - for my 40th next year before she calmed down. Sigh.


jeanie said...

lol - kids love them some weddings.

Of course, when you do provide one it sometimes doesn't tick all the boxes (my niece told me mine was not "fairytale" enough).

I think she has to understand what we all eventually find out - any excuse is excuse enough for a party!!

Debby said...

Oh, my. Teach her about parties without nuptuals, right away!

Neet said...

(does this mean that she thought our 'wedding party' was fun??) :)