17 October 2008


Ella has started drawing figures. Fairies mainly. When questioned why they didn't have arms she said they didn't need them. (They are fairies after all.) When asked why they had such big feet, she said "But mum! That's their shoes. And fairies have big shoes." I couldn't get an answer as to why they don't have bodies.

The second shape is their house. The little insect type thing is a baby fairy. The round thing at the first fairy's head is not a text balloon. It's her ball. When I asked how she was going to play with the ball when she didn't have arms I got a "The ball can play by itself" reply. Duh.

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Hildegard said...

Dit is toch een grote stap vooruit, als je deze zinvolle tekening vergelijkt met de "kribbel krabbel" van toch nog maar een paar weken geleden. Ik vind het prachtig!
Geef Ella een dikke knuffel van ons.

It's a big step ahead, comparing this drawing that makes sense with the "kribbel krabbel" (how do you say that in English?) she was drawing only a few weeks ago. It's amazing!
Give Ella a big hug from us.