28 October 2008

Fairy lady beetles

On the bike riding home:

Ella - You know mum, I saw a lady beetle at daycare today!
Me - Oh wow.
Ella - And do you know what colour it was.
Me - I do know.
Ella - No, I'll tell you what colour it was. It was orange. With black spots.
Me - Yeah, most lady beetles are orange or red with black spots.
Ella - And there are some special beetles. They are purple and pink.
Me - Wow, purple and pink. I've never seen those.
Ella - No, that's because they are scared of people. They are special lady beetles and they only come when it's dark. And they have little torches. And the torches have littel wings and they can fly!
Ella - Only I know that, mum. Camilla doesn't know that. Because I thinked it in my head.

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