20 October 2008

Musical tastes

We watched Gabrielle Cilmi sing on Idol last night.

Ella - I really like her. She sings beautiful.
[short pause]
Ella - Am I still your friend?*
Me - Of course you are still my friend! You are Ella and I am mama. We like different things and that's a good thing!
Ella - But when I am big… when I am a mama, I will not like this music.
Me - Maybe you will. When I was a kid I listened to different music. They made different music then than they do now. So you might still like this music when you're a grown up.

Then I suggested I'd buy her the cd. Groan.

*I swear, I have no idea where these kind of remarks come from. I didn't think I came across as that judgemental!

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